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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in El Paso

Tooth ExtractionWisdom Tooth Extraction in El Paso

There are several instances that warrant the removal of a tooth, or tooth extraction. The most common reason for tooth extraction is the arrival of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth usually take up prime real estate in the mouth and can cause over-crowding. They are also common sites for infection. Wisdom teeth are often impacted, or trapped, which causes them to come in at the wrong angle and cause other complications. For these reasons, most people need to have their wisdom teeth removed.

Wisdom teeth removal usually takes less than 45 minutes. You’ll be given either local or general anesthesia so the process is essentially painless. Local anesthetic is applied directly to the mouth in order to numb the extraction site. General anesthesia allows the patient to fall asleep and wake up shortly after the procedure. The gums usually take a few days to heal and should be back to normal shortly after.

Dentists perform wisdom tooth extraction regularly and there are not usually any complications with the healing process. It’s recommended to eat soft foods and get plenty of rest for the few days after the surgery in order to allow the gums to heal properly and quickly.

Other Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Teeth sometimes need to be removed due to severe tooth decay or infection, gum disease, or fractures within the tooth. In most of these cases, the tooth must be removed in order to prevent infection and other dental complications. Just like wisdom tooth extractions, dentists regularly perform these procedures and there are very few risks or complications involved.

Often, teeth are pulled in preparation for orthodontic care. This is usually necessary in order to make room for teeth to straighten out if there is crowding. By the time we are adults, our jaws are finished growing. Sometimes, all of our adult teeth don’t fit comfortably in our mouths and it becomes necessary to create room.

The most common complication after wisdom tooth removal is referred to as dry socket. After a tooth extraction, a blood clot should form in the tooth socket and allow it to heal. If the clot becomes dislodged or dissolves before the wound has healed, the underlying bone and nerves are exposed. To avoid dry socket before your extraction, be sure to quit smoking, even if only temporarily. After surgery, be sure to rest for the remainder of the day. Allow your mouth to heal properly and do not drink through a straw or eat rough foods that could possibly dislodge the blood clot.

Lee Trevino Dental, we do our very best to ensure that every patient is treated with the best possible care during the tooth extraction procedure. We will do whatever you need to make sure you’re comfortable, and we’ll ensure that you experience the best possible recovery. Give us a call today to set up an appointment!