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Teeth Whitening

happy smiling family after teeth whitening servicesProfessional Teeth Whitening in El Paso

We offer well-rounded dental care at Lee Trevino Dental. You don’t have to visit a different location for cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening. We offer this service as well as many others here at our family dental practice. While discolored teeth is not a condition detrimental to good hygiene, we know all too well that it can be a nuisance for our patients. Our in-office treatment is not only effective but also offers immediate results.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

There are many causes of discolored teeth. Namely, certain foods and tobacco tend to be the biggest culprit. Coffee, tea, red wine, and citrus foods can all contribute to tooth discoloration. However, genetics and antibiotics play a role as well. Exposure to high levels of fluoride and tetracycline can cause internal tooth darkening as well. This happens because of changes in the enamel and dentin. All too often, it is very hard to avoid these factors in everyday life.

Although discolored teeth may not be harmful to your health, teeth whitening will definitely boost your self-image. With added confidence in your teeth, you will likely be comfortable smiling more. Also, because teeth whitening is not always an obvious improvement, those around you may notice a subtle positive change while you experience a tremendous difference. Studies have shown that people who choose to smile more often have a better mood disposition.

In-Office Teeth Bleaching vs. At-Home Treatment

Many people opt for at-home treatment kits simply to save money. However, these kits are not guaranteed to work. Secondly, they provide a more gradual, subtle result. If you opt for our in-office treatment, you will experience results much more quickly. Both home kits and teething whitening options that we offer use peroxide. However, our office uses a higher percentage of peroxide and exposes your teeth for less time. Not only are the results more obvious and faster, they are long lasting as well. Our expert staff is qualified to do this procedure for you and deliver excellent results.

Visit our Office Today for Teeth Whitening

While teeth whitening may not have much of a health benefit, it offers a great boost to your smile, confidence, and overall mood. When you decide you want to schedule a teeth whitening treatment, please give us a call. Our office staff will be happy to set you up with the next available appointment and answer any questions!