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Useful Tips to Get Children To Love Brushing Their Teeth

As a parent, you know that teaching kids is all about being consistent, honest, and creative. Kids will really make you think about everyday things that we take for granted. For them, building healthy habits begins early and the most effective way to do this is by implementing into their everyday routine and making it […]

The Beauty of Porcelain Veneers: Achieving Your Dream Smile

How many times have you gone to the movies only to feel inadequate due to the unachievable beauty displayed on upcoming posters or on the screen itself? Actors and actresses are, more often than not, chosen for their unbelievable degrees of beauty and physical perfection. Here’s a little secret for you, those levels of beauty […]

Easy to Follow Tips to Improve the Health of Your Teeth

Life is all about figuring out what works for us, right? Between choosing a comfortable home to an affordable (or luxurious) vehicle to the foods that we consume day in and day out, it’s all a matter of personal preference. And with each passing year, we discover more about ourselves and make changes based on […]

Fostering Positive Oral Health Habits Early On In Life

From the perspective of a child, the idea of teeth getting pushed out by other teeth that already reside within jaw bones can be pretty frightening. As unsettling as the reality of teeth may be, children have acclimated to it thanks in part to the mythical Tooth Fairy. Parents and guardians have made use of […]

Growing Teeth: The Amazing New Technology in Dentistry

The world never fails to amaze with its rapid technological advancements. Whether it is handheld devices performing extraordinary tasks, artificial intelligence capable of conversing, virtual reality that takes us to another world, or smart technologies in everything from refrigerators to thermostats, to self-driving cars, we are constantly seeing the amazing human potential manifest itself in […]

The Complex Story of Teeth: Solving Mysteries With Dental Records and More

Just like your fingerprints, your teeth are unique to you. We may not think about it all that often, but your teeth are very specific to you and within them lies a very secret history of you, your life, and your past. We know, it’s a somewhat morbid topic to discuss during the Christmas season, […]

5 Recommendations To Keep Your Teeth Clean This Holiday Season

If there is one thing that goes hand in hand it’s the holidays and sweets. From gingerbread cookies to homemade banana nut bread, a handful of chocolate bark, and it wouldn’t be Christmas without sugar cookies, would it? It’s generally hard to avoid sugar-filled foods once Halloween rolls around. What tends to happen between now […]

3 Reasons You May Need a Tooth Extraction

The goal is always to preserve your teeth; however, there are circumstances in which a tooth extraction is not only necessary but can you help you preserve your other teeth and get rid of a painful disease. When this type of circumstance rises, the last thing you want to do is take matters into your […]

The Fascinating Origins of Dentures and the Art of Fake Teeth

Ever heard of people putting out newspaper ads for human teeth? Well, it happened. Many people wince at the thought of dentures, but the truth is that more than half of Americans between ages 65-76 wear them. No big deal.  It’s quite common and we’re lucky to live in an era where the technology is […]