How to Get Your Children to Brush and Floss

Since brushing teeth and flossing is typically done first thing in the morning and right before bed, children tend to associate brushing teeth as a chore. If your child struggles to get up in the morning or tries to avoid going to sleep, then brushing teeth might also come as a struggle. Let’s face it, […]

Restore Your Smile with the Brilliant Power of Dentures

Tooth loss is a common fact of life. Be it due to hereditary issues or any other reason, we will more than likely lose our teeth as time goes on. There are options available that help individuals restore their smiles. With a full smile, people who previously lost teeth will be able to chew without […]

Treating Your Teeth Like Royalty with Dental Crowns

Oral health is much more than simply brushing and flossing twice per day. In fact, that’s the absolute minimum one could do to maintain a healthy mouth. There are many issues that brushing and flossing can compete with, some of these issues may be the result of genetics or unhealthy habits. There are many instance […]

The Cold Isn’t The Only Thing That Causes Teeth to Chatter

Cold weather and chattering teeth go together like presents under a Christmas tree. Although chattering teeth are commonly associated with cold temperatures, it can also occur under other circumstances. Bruxism, anxiety, and stress can all result in chattering teeth. All in all, chattering can cause damage to your teeth. If you’re facing concerns, speak with […]

Tips for Teeth Cleaning at Home

There are many ways you can care for your teeth at home in between cleanings at the dentist. In fact, to keep your teeth and gums healthy, you want to perform teeth cleanings every day. You should brush your teeth two to three times a day and floss at least once or twice a day. […]

What to Expect When Visiting the Children’s Dentist

Children’s oral health is much more than cartoon character-themed toothbrushes and bubblegum flavored toothpaste. From when a child first starts teething (usually from 6 to 12 months of age) to when they have their first full complement of 20 baby teeth (usually by the time they reach 3 years of age), oral health must be […]

Three Important Facts About Tooth Extractions

We’re not going to lie, going to the dentist is a tad frightening. Even as dentists ourselves, we worry about any possible bad news we may receive. However, knowing the facts and understanding what to do to prevent issues can make the experience, well, not so scary. One procedure that makes everyone cringe at the […]

Interesting Facts About Dentures

If you’ve watched just about any cartoon ever, you know what dentures are. From Johnny Bravo and The Simpsons to Betty Boop and Futurama, many cartoons have jokes about fake teeth, something the internet has come to call “false teeth tomfoolery.” While it’s all fun and games in cartoons, dentures actually help to correct serious […]

How a Dentist Explains the Background of Dental Crowns

Your friendly neighborhood dentist knows that dental crowns are the best way to protect teeth that have had root canals, have large fillings, or have been through some kind of trauma. Crowns are used to protect the teeth so that no further breakage occurs. They also help make teeth last as long as possible. Crowns […]

The History of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns have been on the earth a lot longer than you might expect. While it’s no surprise that dental crowns have grown in viability and popularity over the years, there are still known remnants of the dental crown from our great, great ancestors. In other words, they have origins older than we can imagine. […]